Hottie Takes Nice Long Bath


Hottie Takes Nice Long Bath

Posted by admin on March 16th, 2012

Kelly is taking a longer than usual bath. She is so relaxed at this point the water is hot and all the bubbles in the water are getting her very turned on. She starts feeling herself up and even though her boy friend is in the kitchen, she starts to masturbate her wet cunt. She just can’t help it this bath has relaxed her so much and made her feel so sensual. Her boy friend wonders why it’s taking so long though. He is used to her having long baths as she is a girl but this time she has been in there for two hours. So he figures he had better check on her to make sure she is alright, he peeks through the door at her and he notices, she is feeling herself up and playing with her hot pussy.

Hottie Takes Nice Long Bath

This gets his cock so fucking hard. He decides to walk into the bathroom with his big cock exposed and see what happens, she is obviously all worked up so she isn’t going to reject his cock now is she? he gets in the bath with her and doesn’t have to wait long this babe is all over his cock like it was a fucking candy cane, check this action out now guys click here.

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